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A Delightful Children's Book

by Ian Jukes

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About the Author

Ian Jukes is a Worcestershire Ambassador, successful businessman and charity fundraiser.


The Adventures of Thomas and the Magic Owl is Ian’s debut novel, written primarily for his grandchildren Thomas, Oliver and Miles – all pre-teen children with vivid imaginations who enjoy reading tales of cheeky, huggable (and well-mannered) characters.

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My Books

Follow young tortoise Thomas and his magical friend Owliver as they travel to faraway islands, across stormy seas and over land to meet the King of England.


On the way, the intrepid friends encounter ruthless pirates and a cunning highwayman and have a very eventful stay in a haunted inn.

Featuring delightful illustrations by Brendan McMahon


One more go thought Thomas and with a mighty heave-ho he pushed with all his might until the top of the egg cracked and fell away letting daylight flood in.


“Look what I’ve found,” cried the pirate captain with a long shaggy beard, peering inside the cracked egg. “It’s a turtle!”


Gingerly, Thomas climbed out and onto the pirate’s outstretched palm. Dusting himself down, he exclaimed in a very indignant voice: “I’m not a turtle, I’m a tortoise if you don’t mind!”

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